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Pomme & Stone Fruit

  • BEST-BUY 200 SL

    BEST-BUY 200 SL is a broad spectrum non-selective and non-residual herbicide containing glufosinate-ammonium.

    For use in nursery orchards, on glyphosate-resistant weeds, or as a non-crop herbicide, also in potatoes as a desiccant.

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    (Containing Bifenazate)

    Paradiso 240 SC is a contact acaricide effective on all spider mite stages with excellent residual activity for use on fruit, vegetables and ornamentals, due to its short harvest interval and potential for use in integrated pest management, IPM.

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    VERTIGO 1.8% EC

    (containing Abamectin 1.8% EC)

    VERTIGO is an insecticide and acaricide based on abamectin, a mixture of avermectins, which are complex soil microorganism fermentation products.

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