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(containing pyriproxyfen)


Proxy 100 EC for control of whitefly and thrips.

Proxy is an insect growth regulator insecticide for control of whiteflies, thrips and jassids in vegetables, and scale insects in citrus, vines and orchard crops.


PROXY 100 EC is a synthetic insect growth regulator. It mimics juvenile hormone, effectively blocking development of nymphs into adults, and offering good residual control. It is relatively slow acting but can be mixed with adulticides for immediate control.

PROXY 100 EC has the following features and benefits:

  • Excellent control of larval stages of whitefly, thrips and scale insects, with additional ovicidal properties
  • Use on a broad range of horticultural crops, and cotton
  • Excellent insecticide for fruiticulture
  • Slow knockdown but with excellent residuality
  • Flexibility – May be mixed with a wide range of insecticides and fungicides
  • Novel mode of action – highly suited for resistance management programmes
  • Low toxicity to beneficial insects – excellent for integrated pest management (IPM)



PROXY 100 EC is presented as an emulsifiable concentrate containing 100 g/l of pyriproxyfen.

Spectrum of Activity

PROXY 100EC is used primarily in horticulture to control nymphs and larvae of whitefly, and for the control of motile stages of scale insects in orchards and orange groves. PROXY 100EC can also control thrips.


Mode of Action

Pyriproxyfen is a highly potent insect growth regulator. It is ovicidal as well as larvicidal, but with no major rapid knockdown or control of adults. Therefore, PROXY100 EC does not give quick visual control of whitefly because nymphs are only controlled slowly and it has no effect on adults.

Rapid knockdown of adult whiteflies followed by the extended control of pyriproxyfen may be achieved by tank mixing PROXY 100 EC with an adulticide or knockdown agent such as a synthetic pyrethroid insecticide.

Pyriproxyfen acts by contact and as a stomach poison. Although visibly slow to act, it rapidly affects larval feeding so that even very shortly after application the crop is well protected from further larval damage.

With its novel mode of action, PROXY 100 EC is highly effective for use in resistance management programmes. It is a useful component of integrated pest management (IPM) programmes, as its specificity makes it relatively non-toxic to many adult beneficial insects.

Before using this product read the product label carefully and contact your local agent for further details.

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