Almandine Corporation

Almandine Corporation S.A.

R & D

Almandine has always invested significant resources in developing crop protection products for the future.
We work with the leading laboratories around the world in developing new formulations that can be used in the next generation of crop protection solutions. Almandine’s in-house research team coordinates field trials and analysis to swiftly develop new formulations. It also collaborates with leading scientists and biotech experts to ensure it remains at the forefront of the latest technology in crop protection solutions.
Almandine also recognizes the power of nature and and has now begun to develop many hybrid products that use natural plant enzymes extracts and molecules to develop the next generation of crop protection products.

Almandine Is Dedicated To Developing Agricultural Solutions That Go Beyond The Industry Standard. Our Innovating R&D Team Dedicates Much Of The Time To The Following:

  • Novel mixtures of active ingredients to maximise efficacy.
  • Using more green and environmentally friendly ingredients.
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