Almandine Corporation

Almandine Corporation S.A.


Our regulatory team are specialists in navigating the often complex process of registering crop protection , public health and animal health products.
Studies are performed by GLP certified labs (Good Laboratory Practices) in accordance with international regulations. Comprehensive dossiers containing the Data provide the evidence that a particular chemical is pure and equivalent to the original active ingredient and that the product is safe and poses no risk to people or the environment. All field trial work is performed by experts who are certified by GEP (Good Experimental Practice) to support product effectiveness. By using GLP labs the registration process guarantees unbiased reports.
Almandine’s specialized registration team has extensive experience in ensuring that dossiers are correct and submitted on time and that the submissions are in full accordance with the relevant public authorities around the globe. Our registration team also ensures that our product labels are in full compliance with international standards and that our labels support transparency in the use and safety of our products.

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