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Benetrone 480 SL is a selective post-emergence herbicide for control of broadleaved weeds and sedges in legumes, including peas, beans, groundnuts and alfalfa.

Features and benefits

  • Excellent contact action on susceptible weeds
  • Excellent crop selectivity for most legumes
  • Flexible timing, including split application possibility
  • Non-volatile, so danger from drift is minimal
  • Uniquely offers some control of sedges
  • It degrades rapidly in soil and does not leave residues sensitive to following crops.



Benetrone 480 SL is a soluble liquid containing 480 g/l of Benetrone 480 SL active ingredient.


Mode of action

Benetrone 480 SL is a benzothiadiazone herbicide that interferes with photosynthesis of susceptible plants. Visible injury to the treated leaf surface usually occurs within 4 to 8 hours, followed by plant death.

Benetrone 480 SL is a contact herbicide absorbed by plant leaves. In resistant (tolerant) plants, it is rapidly broken down into natural plant components. A fraction of applied product may be absorbed by roots and translocated to other plant parts. Benetrone 480 SL is quickly metabolised and incorporated into natural plant components. It has little effect on germinating seeds.


Recommendations for use

Benetrone 480 SL is used in legume crops as a post-emergence contact herbicide to control a wide range of broadleaved weeds. It is particularly recommended in peas, beans, groundnuts and soybeans. It may also be used in cereals undersown with legumes. It can be used alone or in mixtures.

Before using this product read the product label carefully and contact your local agent for further details.

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