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Momento 250 SC is a fungicidal seed dressing containing pencycuron for potatoes to reduce black scurf and stem canker caused by Rhizoctonia solani.


Rhizoctonia solani is a major pathogen affecting potatoes. It causes serious germination problems when developing shoots become infected. This leads to stem canker where shoots either fail to emerge or wilt soon after emergence due to blockage of the transport vessels with mycelium of the pathogen.

Inoculum in the soil can also cause black scurf on developing tubers, which severely affects appearance and marketability of the crop.

MOMENTO 250 SC, based on the active ingredient, pencycuron, for treatment of potatoes at planting giving the following benefits:

Excellent control of Rhizoctonia black scurf and stem canker by contact action Improved crop emergence and reduced crop stunting

Increased tuber production and quality, giving cleaner and better skin finish and more uniform size and shape of tubers.

Versatility: Momento 250 SC can be applied directly to the planting tubers or as a directed furrow spray before furrow closure.


Pencycuron is formulated as a suspension concentrate containing 250 g/l. The formulation contains a red dye as an alerting agent.

The fineness of the particles in the formulation of Momento 250 SC ensures blockage-free application.

Treated seed should be stored well away from food or feedstuffs.


Spectrum of activity

Momento 250 SC is active specifically against Rhizoctonia spp, the major soil pathogen of potatoes that needs to be controlled at planting. Momento is compatible with a range of other fungicides to use in mixture to broaden disease control if needed.


Mode of action

Pencycuron has excellent contact activity, giving both good initial effect and residuality.

Before using this product read the product label carefully and contact your local agent for further details.

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