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(Containing Fludioxonil and Cyprodinil)

Savannah 625 SC is a mixture of fungicides giving robust control of Botrytis grey mould of vegetables, fruit and vines.


SAVANNAH 625 SC is a fungicide mixture that combines systemic and protectant activity to give excellent control of grey mould, Botrytis cinerea.

SAVANNAH 625 SC offers the following benefits:

  • Two-way protection of the crop through systemic and long lasting protectant action.
  • Different, novel and dual mode of action compared to other Botrytis products.
  • Excellent control of grey mould in vines, strawberries and a range of other crops.
  • Also controls Monilinia on fruit trees and Sclerotinia and Ascochyta on vegetables.
  • Non-toxic to bees and well suited tp IPM programmes


SAVANNAH 625 SC is formulated as a suspension concentrate containing 375g/l of cyprodinil and 250g/l of fludioxonil.

Spectrum of activity

Grey mould, Botrytis cinerea, is an important but difficult to control disease on a range of horticultural and fruit crops, including grapes, tomatoes, strawberries and green beans. SAVANNAH 625 SC gives excellent robust control of Botrytis. It also shows good activity against Monilinia spp in stone fruit and Sclerotinia spp in peas and beans.

Mode of action

Cyprodinil is an anilinopyrimidine fungicide that blocks the synthesis of the amino acid, methionine. It has systemic activity.

Fludioxonil is a novel phenylpyrrole fungicide with excellent protectant action. Biochemically, it blocks a phosphorylation enzyme affecting glycerol synthesis.

Together these two fungicides form a highly novel mixture with long-lasting systemic and protectant activity that attacks Botrytis cinerea at different metabolic sites and different stages of development. This makes it a very powerful resistance management tool, especially since the modes of action of the component fungicides differ from that of the long-established carboxamide botryticides.

Before using this product read the product label carefully and contact your local agent for further details.

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