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(Containing Spirodiclofen)

Spiridor 240 SC is a contact acaricide with translaminar movement and good residual action for control of a range of mites on citrus crops.


Spiridor 240 SC is a miticide containing spirodiclofen, a ketoenol tetramic acid, as active ingredient for control of spider mites in citrus, other fruit trees and vines. It is highly effective against all developmental stages of mites, including eggs, nymphs and adults.

Spiridor 240 SC provides good initial and excellent residual activity against target

mites. It is effective as either a preventive or threshold treatment allowing for maximum flexibility in application timing. It has low activity against important benefiial insects deployed in citrus.

Key Benefits

  • Provides good initial and excellent residual activity against mites
  • Active against all stages of mites: eggs, nymphs and adults
  • Contact and translaminar activity
  • Effective against species of mites resistant to other chemistries
  • Fits well into Integrated Pest Management (IPM) programs


Spiridor 240 SC is a suspension concentrate containing 240 g/litre spirodiclofen active ingredient.


Spectrum of activity

Spiridor 240 SC controls all stages of spider mites on citrus, such as Panonychus citri and rust mite (Phyllocoptruta spp.). Spiridor 240 SC should control mites resistant to other conventional acaricides.

Spiridor 240 SC is a specific acaricide, and at recommended rates has generally low effect on beneficial insects, although it is toxic to bees and treatment should be avoided when bees are present. It is compatible with integrated pest management (IPM) programs.

Mode of action

Spiridor 240 SC acaricide has predominantly contact action and good residuality. It is not systemic but is translaminar.

Spirodiclofen interrupts lipid biosynthesis, physiology and metabolism and causes cessation of growth, and inability of mites to moult and to oviposit, so that eggs fail to hatch.

Before using this product read the product label carefully and contact your local agent for further details.

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