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(Fludioxonil 100 g/L)

Sunrise 10% FS is a fungicidal seed dressing to control black shank, silver scurf and other seed-borne diseases of potatoes before or during planting,


SUNRISE 10% FS is a protectant fungicide for seed dressing of potatoes pre-planting. It controls various seed-borne diseases, such as Rhizoctonia solani (black shank, stem canker) and Helminthosporium spp., silver scurf.

SUNRISE 10% FS offers the following benefits:

  • Long lasting protectant action
  • Novel mode of action – useful for resistance management
  • Better shape and appearance of tubers, with fewer deformities
  • Minimum impact on wildlife and the environment


SUNRISE 10% FS is formulated as a flowable seed dressing (FS) containing 100g/l of fludioxonil. It has a bright red dye that shows up on treated seed to reduce risk of consumption in error.

Spectrum of activity

The main use for SUNRISE 10% FS is for to protect the young plant from diseases present on the seed tuber or in the surrounding soil. The main target economically is Rhizoctonia solani which causes stem canker and black scurf where black sclerotia infect the surface of tubers.

SUNRISE 10% FS also offers protection against silver scurf, Helminthosporium solani, dry rot and gangrene.

Mode of action

Fludioxonil is a novel phenylpyrrole fungicide with excellent protectant action. It blocks phosphorylation, affecting glycerol synthesis. It has a novel mode of action, different from current potato seed dressings, and so is a robust replacement for those treatments to which the pathogens are showing resistance.

Before using this product read the product label carefully and contact your local agent for further details.

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